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The Future of Beauty: Sustainable Skincare and Eco Beauty in Colorado Springs

In recent years, the world has experienced an exciting shift towards sustainable practices. This conscious movement toward eco-awareness has naturally extended into the realm of beauty and skincare, giving rise to the trend of eco beauty (or eco-aesthetics). At the forefront of this revolution is Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation, a med spa in Colorado Springs , under the nurturing care of Dr. Rachael Degurse.

As the owner and provider at Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation, Dr. Degurse firmly believes that sustainable skincare is not just a trend, but the future. She insists, “True beauty radiates from the inside out, and this includes the health of our planet. Our commitment to sustainable skincare is our promise to help ensure the planet’s vitality for future generations.”

What is Eco Beauty?

Simply put, eco beauty is about harmony. It’s a fusion of health, beauty, and environmental consciousness. It places an emphasis on products and procedures that not only enhance your appearance but also minimize harm to the environment. Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation is an advocate of this principle, offering a range of eco beauty services, from biodegradable product offerings to green waste management systems.

Sustainable Skincare in Colorado Springs: Our Commitment

Sustainable skincare represents a deep commitment to not only using products that are friendly to your skin but also to the environment. In Colorado Springs, in addition to eco beauty, Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation is leading the charge in embracing and promoting sustainable skincare practices.

One example of how we honor this commitment is our choice of products, such as those from PCA SKIN®. This industry-leading medical-grade skincare brand not only excels in the innovation and development of their skincare range but also demonstrates a strong commitment to the environment in every aspect of their operations.

When PCA SKIN® sources raw materials for their products, they opt for sustainable sources. They realize that many highly effective skincare ingredients originate in plant sources that may be ecologically sensitive. To address this, PCA SKIN® engineers the identical molecule without the need for vast harvesting and waste of trees and plants. This approach ensures excellent, consistent products while also considering the long-term health of the planet.

Our partnership with PCA SKIN® aligns with our ethos of providing naturally-derived, ethical, and sustainable products to our clients. We take care to curate our skincare lines, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals, not tested on animals, and produced under fair trade conditions.

Our Eco Beauty Approach

In line with our commitment to sustainable skincare in Colorado Springs, Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation champions a variety of eco-aesthetic practices. These include the use of energy-efficient devices for skin treatments, the minimization of single-use plastics in our operations, and the recycling of product packaging and containers. All these efforts are aimed at reducing our carbon footprint and championing sustainability in every aspect of our work.

Just as PCA SKIN® made a significant change to their packaging in 2007 by shifting away from Styrofoam® packing peanuts to completely biodegradable cornstarch peanuts, we at Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation are continually seeking ways to implement more eco-friendly practices. The cornstarch peanuts used by PCA SKIN® dissolve completely in water, leaving no environmental waste behind. Similarly, all their packaging components are recyclable, further demonstrating their commitment to the environment.

In our own clinic, we strive to replicate these sustainable practices. From our recycling program to using sustainable purchasing policies, we aim to minimize waste output at every opportunity. Furthermore, we have followed in the footsteps of PCA SKIN® by encouraging our clients to return their used product containers for recycling, and have plans to begin incentivizing this practice with a reward program. “Reducing waste in our clinic is a priority. Every small effort we make towards sustainability has a significant impact over time,” says Dr. Degurse.

Eco Beauty - A Win for Your Skin and the Planet

Eco beauty, as championed by Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation, offers a double win: it’s a win for your skin, offering natural and gentle alternatives that often outperform their synthetic counterparts, and a win for the planet, as sustainable practices contribute to conservation efforts. “Each of us can make a difference. By choosing sustainable skincare, you’re taking a stand for the future of our planet. It’s an investment in your skin’s health and our world’s sustainability,” explains Dr. Degurse.

The Living Wall: A Testament to Our Commitment

A unique feature of the PCA SKIN® global headquarters is their “living wall” of NASA-identified plants that further purify the air in our working environment. This living wall serves as a daily reminder of their commitment to sustainability and the vital role that nature plays in our work and lives. We may not have a “living wall”…yet, but the concept is emblematic of what we believe is in the best for our planet, for nature, and for people.

At PCA SKIN®, their mission is to improve people’s lives, which includes a long-term commitment to protecting and preserving our environment. At Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation, a Colorado Springs med spa, we share this mission. We see skincare as more than just improving appearances; it’s about enhancing lives while respecting our planet.


Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation, under the stewardship of Dr. Degurse, is proud to pioneer the shift towards eco beauty and sustainable skincare in Colorado Springs. We believe in the balance of achieving radiant skin while preserving the radiance of our Earth. With every treatment we offer, we ensure not just the rejuvenation of your skin, but also the rejuvenation of your commitment to our planet.

With sustainable skincare, you don’t have to choose between looking good and feeling good about your impact on the environment. At Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation, we make it possible for you to do both. Join us in our journey towards a sustainable future.

We invite you to experience the difference that eco beauty can make, not only to your skin but to the world around us. Book a consultation now and let’s work together to protect our planet while we protect and nourish your skin. It’s time to embrace sustainable skincare in Colorado Springs – the future of beauty is here.

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