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A Pearl by any other Name

A Pearl by any other Name

When Dr. Degurse set out to build a med spa empire the first thing she wanted to know was that it would define truth, and beauty. You see, there is nothing quite as uniquely beautiful, yet so utterly complex in its manifestation as a pearl. When thinking of a pearl  one of the first things that come to mind is beauty and luster. For centuries pearls have been worn around the next to signify grace, resolve, and wealth. But pearls are much more than monetary value. They are building blocks for the future.

Dr. Degurse’s origin story is not one of affluence. So the duality of defining beauty as a metaphor for prosperity and elegance, but at the same time potentially being outside of one’s grasp is not lost on her. Yet she also knows the power of transformational beauty. The symbiotic relationship between inner and outer beauty can be not only a physical boost to one’s self-image, but also to that of psychological well-being. Dr. Degurse lives in a real world. We are products of our environment as well as our biology. So even though physical beauty oft is mired in controversy, and endless moral arguments , Dr. Degurse see’s it instead as a possible self-fulfilling prophecy of psychological health.

You see, when Dr. Degurse see’s the smile come to the face of another satisfied client, it’s not the hydrated skin, the absence of wrinkles, or the loss of extra weight around the waist. No, what she sees is the luster of that client’s new-found sense of confidence. In that moment, but doctor, and client know they’ve just witnessed an evolutionarily adaptation of conviction, determination, and above all…a brilliance rediscovered and reimagined.

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