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What to Expect at your Colorado
Springs Med Spa consultation

Med Spa consultations can be overwhelming. There’s lot’s of terms, shiny objects, and exalted promises. We here at Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation are excited you’ve chosen to begin your journey with us but we also know intrinsic value. That value is your happiness and education. Many people don’t know what they need, and sometimes want services that actually may not be the best choice for your goals long-term. And sometimes, you know exactly what you need and want, and you’re just looking to switch your service to Pearl because you’ve heard great things. No matter the reason, you and Dr. Degurse will enjoy complete privacy in an inviting tmosphere surrounded with contemporary modern aesthetic to discuss your plan.

Your Consultation

Regardless of what treatment type you are interested in, we will sit down and chat about your goals, your dreams, and any relevant medical and/or treatment history. Maybe you’re just looking for a little fine line Botox removal. Perhaps it’s acne treatment you desire. Maybe you heard about our relaxing and thorough facial chemical peels. And if it’s quick weight-loss you’re interested in and the nutrition planning needed to accomplish that, then we can help you out. And should you decide to begin your service immediately, I have allotted time enough for us to begin during your appointment so no need to schedule another time.

Below is a short video introducing myself, as well as what to expect when we meet for your consultation at our Colorado Springs Med Spa:
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Dr. Rachael Degurse

Let Dr. Degurse Tell You In Her Own Words...

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"Upon arrival you'll be greeted with excitement & physician expertise. The first thing I will do is listen to your dreams, and your goals. I'll ask about relevant medical/treatment history, and then we will discuss a tentative plan of action."