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Existing Patient Laser Training Signup

This is your opportunity to Receive an Amazing Price for top Medical Laser & IPL Treatments. This deal is for a limited time and at once-in-a-lifetime Savings.

Lumenis Stellar M22
Laser Training Existing Patient Signup
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Treatments – Can Select Multiple

Please see the following restrictions and conditions:

  • A consent form will be supplied and must be signed to proceed.
  • This opportunity is at the sole discretion of Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation, PLLC.
  • Signing up is not a guarantee of service. It depends on the needs of Pearl
  • The treatment agreed upon is for either a single treatment or a single treatment package.
  • A part of this agreement is that you receive the requested treatment in return for supplying the opportunity for Pearl personnel to train on the machine.
  • The other part of the agreement requires your consent to use your images on the website and/or marketing materials. Note – your eyes will be covered and/or removed in photos.