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Dermaplaning in Colorado Springs

Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation Concierge Med Spa specializes in dermaplaning in Colorado Springs with treatments as a means to treat dry skin, persistent acne, fine lines, scarring, and wrinkles. Dermaplaning is perfect for those who prefer non-invasive medical procedures. The many benefits of dermaplaning treatments are outlined below. But should you have additional questions, please contact us for a 1-1 consultation

Dr. Degurse Answers Your Dermaplane

What questions should I ask about Dermaplaning? Is Dermaplaning Safe? Is there a downside to Dermaplaning? Is Dermaplaning safe for my skin? What qualifications should I look for in a provider? How often do I need Dermaplaning? Dr. Rachael Degurse of Pearl Skin & Body Rejuvenation, a Colorado Springs Concierge Med Spa, answers your questions about Dermaplaning and more.

Dermaplaning is a minimally invasive procedure that exfoliates your skin getting rid of vellus hair (AKA, “peach fuzz”). We use medical grade scalpels for this procedure. The primary demographic for such a procedure are women, but it can be performed on anyone looking to exfoliate their skin and remove unwanted hair.

We use this to help reduce acne scarring (along with our acne treatments!), sun damage, dry skin, unwanted hair, and Actinic keratosis (scaley skin that could lead to skin cancer).

Note, you would not want to do this during an active acne outbreak.

It obviously depends on the intended outcome. We will book an hour, but most of our clients are finished between 30 or 45 minutes.

These results are immediate. We will also apply topical creams to help reduce any inflamation the procedure causes.

It depends on what your goals are. There’s usually an end-game for acne scarring treatments where as, hair removal typically will need to be done in successive treatments.

Well when it comes to hair removal, yes, it’s very similar. However shaving does not treat acne scarring, scaley skin, or remove the amount of dead skin that a dermaplaning procedure would. Basically it reboots your face.

Did we just become best friends!? We have package deals that will provide a discounted rate for your allegiance and friendship. I will explain all that at our first meeting.

That’s up to you, but as a physician I will discuss with you all of your options and we can decide together whether dermaplaning is a good match.

Wait...I have so many more questions!

Of course, and it’s good you do. Setting up an in-person consultation with Dr. Degurse in her private, professional, and relaxing Colorado Springs Med Spa suite is your first step. During your consult, we will discuss your goals, discuss medical history, concerns, and previous treatments, answer any questions, and build your customized treatment plan. The cost of the consult is a one-time $50 fee. The great news is that should you pursue treatment with us, that $50 will be applied to your first service or purchase. Whether you pursue a course of treatment is entirely up to you. You’re not locked into anything.

If you have more questions and need to learn more before treatment, schedule a consultation today to see what Dr. Degurse can do for your situation.